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Online only access to Principles of Medical Biochemistry, 2nd Edition


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New to This Edition

    • Expanded coverage of molecular genetics, genome structure, and the molecular basis of genetic disease.
    • Discussions of gene therapy and germline gene modifications.
    • Information on molecular carcinogenesis, apoptosis, and signaling pathways.
    • Superb new page design with full color illustrations
    • Online version via the STUDENT CONSULT website with USMLE test questions and integration links

Key Features

    • Half the size and weight of the usual biochemistry text.
    • Includes clinical cases throughout the text, and a case study section at the end in order to illustrate the practical application of biochemistry concepts.
    • Comprehensive coverage of all the topics that are typically included in medical biochemistry courses
    • Focuses on topics that are of specific medical interest, such as plasma proteins and lipoproteins, molecular carcinogenesis, laboratory diagnostic tests, and the rapidly evolving new applications of molecular genetics.

Author Information

    By Gerhard Meisenberg, PhD, Course Director Medical Biochemistry, Ross University, Dominica, West Indies and William H. Simmons, PhD, Course Director Medical Biochemistry, Strich School of Medicine, Loyola University, Maywood, IL

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Online only access to Principles of Medical Biochemistry, 2nd Edition
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  • Copyright: 2006