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Basic Medical Language - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource, 2nd Edition


Take your understanding to a whole new level with Pageburst digital books on VitalSource! Easy-to-use, interactive features let you make highlights, share notes, run instant topic searches, and so much more. Best of all, with Pageburst, you get flexible online, offline, and mobile access to all your digital books. Formerly titled Programmed Medical Language in its first edition, this innovative resource focuses on teaching a carefully selected group of suffixes, prefixes, and word roots that provide the basis for recognizing and defining hundreds of medical terms. After an introductory chapter that explains the structure of medical terms, subsequent lessons focus on the various body systems. Very brief anatomy presentations begin each of the body system lessons before word parts are introduced. The remainder of each lesson is a series of frames that require readers to combine the word parts to create terms or define terms based on their recently acquired knowledge of the word parts. The accompanying CD offers audio pronunciations of terms and interactive exercises that reinforce chapter learning. Instructor resources are available to qualified adopters; contact your sales representative for more information.

New to This Edition

    • Both programmed and non-programmed exercises are included in this edition, with answers to programmed exercises provided in the margin and answers to non-programmed exercises in the back of the book.
    • New full-color illustrations and diagnostic images update treatment discussions.
    • Abbreviations for medical terms are included in table format for terms not built from word parts and within the text for terms built from word parts, providing all the most common medical abbreviations likely to be encountered in a healthcare setting.
    • "At a glance" sections appear at the end of each lesson as a quick review of the lesson content.
    • The addition of a new lesson on the endocrine system completes the book's coverage of all body systems.
    • Intermittent review exercises interspersed throughout lessons allow a more traditional review following completion of programmed learning sections, rather than just end-of-lesson reviews.
    • An accompanying CD provides additional exercises, a glossary of definitions, and audio pronunciations to make learning fun and offer additional opportunities for practice.

Key Features

    • A systemic presentation of medical terminology begins with a foundation of word parts, and then builds words by combining parts, teaching readers how to recognize and define new words.
    • The combination of programmed and non-programmed learning methods provides an interesting variety of exercises for the reader, inviting reader participation with instant feedback, as well as testing the reader's memorization of the material.
    • Consistent organization and pacing of lessons allows material to build in complexity, using related word parts previously introduced.
    • FYI boxes offer practical information and medical terminology trivia in special boxes at the appropriate places in the text.
    • Over 200 flash cards printed on card stock and included with the book serve as an additional learning tool and a great value for the student's textbook dollar.
    • Full-color illustrations and page design emphasize the terms to be learned, enliven the presentation of content, and improve readability - all of which make learning easier.

Author Information

    By Myrna LaFleur Brooks, BEd, RN, Founding President of the National Association of Health Unit Clerks/Coordinators, Faculty Emeritus, Maricopa County Community College District, Phoenix, AZ; and Danielle LaFleur Brooks, MA, MEd, Education Faculty, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

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Basic Medical Language - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource, 2nd Edition
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  • Imprint: Mosby
  • Copyright: 2004