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Math for Clinical Practice - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource


Take your understanding to a whole new level with Pageburst digital books on VitalSource! Easy-to-use, interactive features let you make highlights, share notes, run instant topic searches, and so much more. Best of all, with Pageburst, you get flexible online, offline, and mobile access to all your digital books. Using a straightforward, real-life approach, this book focuses on mathematical calculations used in the clinical setting. It provides coverage of the ratio and proportion and formula methods of drug calculation. Common medications and methods of administration are used, including examples such as syringe usage, oral and parenteral medications, and medication reconstitution. Other examples, such as insulin, heparin, and intake and output, apply to specific patient populations. The math review sections build a strong foundation with hundreds of practice problems. To minimize medication errors, current safety recommendations from the Joint Committee on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) are addressed with safety alerts, clinical alerts, human error alerts, and human error checks. Instructor resources available.

Key Features

    • All content, examples, problems, and scenarios are clinically based.
    • Over 500 full-color illustrations include drug labels, parenteral and oral syringes, medicine cups, pumps, IV equipment, and more.
    • More than 1,200 problems provide practice needed to master drug calculations.
    • Current JCAHO and ISMP recommendations are followed: prescriptions are written out, and those abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols not recommended by the ISMP are avoided.
    • Clinical Connections begin each chapter and explain how that topic relates to clinical practice.
    • Inside front and back cover includes formulas, sound-alike drugs that have been associated with medication errors, and a list of dangerous abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols for easy reference.
    • Safety Alerts, Clinical Alerts, Human Error Alerts, and Human Error Checks are included to promote safe practice.
    • Learning is promoted with Practice Problems, Review Problems in each chapter, Comprehensive Review Problems for math, and Patient Care Scenarios.
    • Three examples are given for each new subject, following a unique step-by-step format that covers the prescription, what you HAVE, what you KNOW, what you WANT, critical thinking, answer for best care, human error check boxes, and does your answer fit the general guideline? Practice problems follow each set of three examples to reinforce content comprehension.

Author Information

    By Denise Macklin, RNC, BSN, CRNI, President, Professional Learning Systems, Inc., Marietta, GA; Cynthia C. Chernecky, PhD, RN, CNS, AOCN, FAAN, Professor, Department of Physiological and Technological Nursing, School of Nursing, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA; and Mother Helena Infortuna, MTS, BS, Saints Mary and Martha House, Wagener, SC

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Math for Clinical Practice - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource
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  • Copyright: 2005