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Mosby's Medical Terminology Online - Retail Pack


To help you learn the vocabulary and word analysis skills needed in the healthcare environment, Mosby's Medical Terminology Online (MMTO) merges authoritative content with online interactivity. As a standalone online course, MMTO provides an easy, flexible, and convenient way to learn medical terminology independently, great for distance learning and self-study. It includes the appropriate amount of exercises to review and apply knowledge, ensuring that you make the very best use of your study time. Specifically designed to optimize the online learning experience, reading onscreen and linking to extra resources and exercises is easy and efficient.

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Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • UNIQUE! A complete online presentation of medical terminology combines A&P and medical terminology with online activities, animations, and assessments to create a complete online learning environment.
    • UNIQUE! The outcome-based learning style is designed to ensure that you meet course objectives with a short assessment after each section of content.
    • Anatomy and physiology, pathology, diagnostics, and interventions tables provide quick access to the most common pathologic, diagnostic, and interventional terms you're likely to encounter in the healthcare setting.
    • Exercises including word building, labeling, image association, flashcards and case studies offer frequent opportunities to recall and recognize medical terms with the goal of rehearsing them into long-term memory.
    • Medical records activity modules familiarize you with a variety of entries in the medical record and show you why knowledge of medical terminology is so important in the clinical setting.
    • Threaded case studies illustrate real-world applications of medical terminology.
    • End-of-module case studies feature a patient photo and questions about the terms used in the case study to help you integrate module content.
    • Over 450 anatomical illustrations and over 450 disease and disorder illustrations visually reinforce your learning.
    • Includes pediatrics and geriatrics information in Age Matters boxes to teach you the specific terminology for these patient populations.
    • Glossary access to definitions and audio pronunciations of terms is quick and easy with bolded and linked terms within the text on screen.
    • A Spanish translation of glossary terms with audio pronunciations equips you to communicate with non-English speakers.
    • The extensive glossary includes over 5,000 terms, accessible from anywhere in the program for quick reference.
    • Fast Fact, Be Careful!, Learning Links, Careers, and Discussion Topics icons highlight unique elements within the program and give you a more interactive learning experience.
    • Completing the quizzes and post-tests allows you to evaluate yourself after each section with an automatically graded assessment.

Author Information

    By Mosby

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  • Online Course
  • 16 Pages
  • Imprint: Mosby
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-05297-9
  • Copyright: 2008