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Mosby's Nursing Video Skills - Intermediate Skills DVD, 3rd Edition


Help students learn how to correctly perform intermediate nursing procedures with these interactive, engaging videos. Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of 45 key nursing procedures present the skills needed for confident performance in labs and clinicals. For each skill, students can also test their understanding with NCLEX® examination-style review questions with rationales.

Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • A consistent format for each skill takes students from planning to follow-up care complete with review questions!
      • Overviews present the purpose of the skill, safety precautions, and delegation guidelines to help students put skills in the context of patient care.
      • Preparation includes patient assessment and any appropriate patient preparation needed before the procedure.
      • Equipment familiarizes students with the most current equipment used for each procedure.
      • Procedure Videos let students watch and learn with 45 videos of key nursing procedures that are performed by real nurses and feature the most current practices. Many videos feature dynamic 3-D animations to show what is happening inside the body. Students can also print out handy procedure guidelines that include the steps for each procedure.
      • Follow-up Care outlines appropriate assessment, evaluation, and interventions to ensure comprehensive patient care.
      • Documentation provides guidelines on what and how to document care provided and patient response, and includes sample documentation that can be printed for review.
      • Review Questions feature NCLEX examination-style review questions with rationales so students can evaluate their understanding of each skill.
    • Play All option allows you to automatically play through each of the sections sequentially for group viewing.
    • Each video approximately 5 minutes.
    • Available for play on a standard DVD player or computer with a DVD drive.
    • Networking capabilities (single, local area computer network only).

Author Information

    By Mosby

Customer Reviews

  • DVD
  • Imprint: Mosby
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-05295-5
  • Copyright: 2009