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Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology, 4th Edition

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The completely revised fourth edition of the Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology gives you the most comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date visual assistance you'll find in any hematology atlas. It vividly depicts the pathogenesis, clinical, morphologic, and investigational aspects of the full range of blood disorders you'll see in everyday practice to help you diagnose virtually anything.

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New to This Edition

    • Illustrates diagnosis for even the most difficult blood disorders with over 2700 images—2100 in full color.
    • Includes comprehensive coverage of all hematologic disorders including those newly recognized and the latest molecular techniques.
    • Demonstrates how the science impacts prognosis and therapy through new illustrations that highlight the pathologic and clinical features.
    • Includes and illustrates WHO (2008) Classification of Hematologic Malignancies.
    • Provides Expert Consult functionality so you can access the Image Bank online from any internet connection.

Key Features

    • Helps you solve difficult diagnostic challenges using highly illustrated, full-color guidance to the recognition of signs in blood cells.
    • Shows complex principles more clearly with explanatory illustrations and tables.
    • Explores the pathogenesis, clinical, morphologic, and investigational aspects of blood disease with extensive coverage of the pathologic anatomy of common clinical entities.
    • Provides quick and easy reference of key diagnostic issues in a comprehensive yet concise format.

Published Reviews

    ***2010 BMA Book Awards - First Prize - Internal Medicine category***

    “This book is exceptionally useful to any busy health care professional, for checking quickly a small piece of forgotten or uncertain information. This book is up-to-date, comprehensive and an easy-to-read summary of the modern practice of haematology. It could sit happily on the shelf in the laboratory or clinical area of any haematology department, but would also be very useful for many hospital specialities and general practice. It is clear to read for non-medical staff but issufficiently detailed to be a first reference book for medical trainees, specialists and GPs.” BMA Judges' quote  

    "The 'Hoffbrand Atlas' has become a national treasaure...I have already been to the site and downloaded a fair few images and will be going back on a regular basis. My overall impression is that of a mature atlas which cannot be faulted on any level. This is an indespensible teaching aid which just gets better with every edition. Highly reccommended."

    The Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists, April 2010

    "First of all, this is a very beautiful book. It is a tall, befitting an atlas, full of color photographs or figures depicting the spectrum of hematological diseases. The pictures range from disease manifestations in humans (including radiographs or other imaging studies) to photomicrographs of key microscopic findings, to karyotypic/molecular/microarray findings associated with the disease. The breadth of the atlas, from the whole human to the molecular level, is stunning. The explanatory text, just enough to make the necessary didactic point, is reinforced 1,000-fold by the depiction of characteristic findings."
    Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology, 4th Edition June 2010

    ''HEMATOLOGY ATLASES ARE ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR MASTERING the field. They provide the schemas, outlines, maps, and graphic information necessary to arrive at a diagnosis. Most of the raw data used in making a diagnosiS is from blood smears, bone marrow or lymph node aspirates and biopsies, chromosome structures, fluorescence-activated cell sorting of lymphocyte and other cell subsets, fluorescence in situ hybridization figures, gene arrays, physical findings, and radiographic findings. This book willfit the needs of students learning hematology for the first time, trainees preparing for examinations, or master hematologists preparing lectures. It deserves a spot on every hematologist's bookshelf.''


     "As I browsed through the many colourful glossy pages- the majority of which did contain morphological detail- with images of patients displaying all manner of syndromes, signs and symptoms: a real treasure trove of information. It is clear that a book like this can only be produced after a career full of careful documenting and photographing, and exposure to the whole range of haematology... It is perfect for dipping into and reading around a topic or condition recently encountered. It's detail is sufficient but not overbearing in the text provided, and the images really help in the retention of the information. It is an excellent aid for teaching, and the images can be downloaded from the Expert Consult website for use in presentations. This book should therefore be seen as an investment, and is likely to be well used by anyone purchasing it."

    Haemtrainee, March 2013

Author Information

    By A. Victor Hoffbrand, MA, DM, DSc, FRCP, FRCP(Edin), Emeritus Professor of Hematology, The Royal Free and University College Medical School, Honorary Consultant Hematologist, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK; John E. Pettit, MD(Otago), FRCPA, FRCPath, Director and Hematologist, Medlab South Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand, Formerly Associate Professor of Hematology, University of Otago Medical School, Dunedin, New Zealand and Paresh Vyas

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Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology, 4th Edition
  • Expert Consult
  • Reference
  • 544 Pages
  • Imprint: Mosby
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-04453-0
  • Copyright: 2009