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Dermatology DDxDeck


It's DDx To Go! This unique format gives you a completely portable, uniquely convenient diagnostic tool. Essentially a deck of laminated cards linked together at one corner, much like a collection of color samples, the DDxDeck allows you to compare potential diagnoses visually, side by side, without the need to flip back and forth between different pages. Each card includes a full color image and information about a particular diagnosis, as well as cross references (DDx-refs) to other potential diagnoses. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this is the perfect reference for those on the front line of dermatological diagnosis.

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Key Features

    • Provides concise details of treatment regimens.
    • Gives visual reference and cross references for each diagnosis.
    • Allows you to study images side by side using the unique DDxDeck format.
    • Covers over 150 conditions and all presentations you're likely to see in practice.
    • Uses the same notation as you use to write prescriptions.
    • Allows the user to make notes on the cards which can later be deleted.

Published Reviews

    "[A] unique teaching aid for non-dermatologists and trainees in dermatology. ...600 photos of 164 skin diseases...have been reproduced in vivid color and arranged on book-mark sized (2.5x10 inches) laminated cards that are bound at one end for portability and convenience. On the reverse side of each card is a description of the disorder, the history, physical findings and treatment. The contents are replete with numerous pediatric skin conditions. The obligate basic principles of dermatologic treatment, guidelines of use of topical corticosteroids and their potency list are also included. DDxDeck will be perfect for a short flight, train ride or a quick study between patients in clinic!" --US Dermatologist Robert A. Silverman, M.D.

    "...a completely new concept...the photos are, almost without exception, of excellent quality and extremely lifelike...descriptions are nice and pithy. One memorable statistic is that about 20% of consultations in General Practice have a dermatological element so the need for a compact yet comprehensive and readable compilation of common dermatological conditions is paramount." - UK General Practitioner,

Author Information

    By Thomas P. Habif, MD, Adjunct Professor of Medicine Dermatology Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH; James L. Campbell, Jr., MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Dermatology (Medicine), University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA; M. Shane Chapman, MD, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH; James G. H. Dinulos, MD, Darthmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH; and Kathryn A. Zug, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH

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Dermatology DDxDeck