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Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology


One of ophthalmology's most respected authors, Dr. Jack Kanski, presents a spectrum of clinical signs for each condition in this brand-new diagnostic atlas. Covers virtually every ocular disease, with particular focus on systemic disorders to help readers diagnose a wealth of ophthalmic conditions. Discussions emphasize variations in the appearance and evolution of disease processes...from the trivial to the severe. Uniquely organized by anatomical region, this concise, user-friendly reference is an outstanding aid to clinical decision making. Over 2,800 full-color images, many original to Dr. Kanski's private collection and never before published, depict nearly all disease conditions encountered in practice. Illustrations are enhanced by accompanying textconcise, bullet-pointed summaries that are ideal for easy reference. This reference also includes a CD-ROM containing all of the images from the text, available for download into electronic presentations.

Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • Serves as a complete diagnostic guide of ophthalmic disease.

    • Features over 2,800 full-color clinical photographs, many original to Dr. Kanski's private collection.

    • Includes a CD-ROM containing all of the images from the text—suitable to download for electronic presentations.

    • Provides concisely written, easy-to-read, templated chapters.

    • Offers many angiograms, radiographs, and scans that emphasis pathological processes.

    • Organizes topics logically—by anatomic region—starting with the front of the eye and progressing through to the retina, to make information easy to find.

    • Represents the ideal guide for comparison to the full range of conditions seen in practice, or for certification/recertification review.

Published Reviews

    Clinical Diagnosis in
    Jack J Kanski
    USA: Elsevier Mosby, 2006
    601 pages, RPR $290.00
    Reviewed by IAN S DOUGLAS,
    Department of Optometry and Vision
    Sciences, The University of Melbourne
    Jack Kanski is well known in the area of
    ophthalmic disease, having written numerous
    excellent books over many years.
    This first edition is an atlas rather than
    a textbook and so does not include descriptions
    of symptoms, treatment or any
    information relating to differential diagnosis.
    Each image has a brief descriptive
    The book is divided into 18 chapters
    encompassing all aspects of ocular disease,
    including congenital and inherited abnormalities,
    trauma and strabismus. Each
    chapter has a series of subheadings, under
    which specific conditions with a number
    of appropriate images are listed. For example,
    in the chapter on eyelids one of
    the 15 sub-headings is ‘Viral infections of
    the lid’, which is further broken down into
    the specific conditions of Herpes zoster
    ophthalmicus, Herpes simplex and molluscum
    contagiosum, with an excellent
    selection of images for each condition.
    The index lists all of these conditions,
    allowing them to be easily found in the
    body of the book. Where appropriate,
    there are also images of the systemic disease
    associated with the ocular condition.
    The quality of reproduction of the
    images is excellent and throughout the
    book there are numerous high quality
    drawings by the renowned ophthalmic artist
    TR Tarrant. Where appropriate, there
    are also images of supportive tests such as
    X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, angiograms and
    OCT scans.
    The book includes a single-user CDROM
    that has the images and their
    descriptions in digital form. The CD-ROM
    has all the images that are in the book and
    includes a search function, which gives
    quick and easy access. There is an export
    function, which allows for the images to
    be cut and pasted into documents and
    presentations such as PowerPoint. Their
    quality is more than adequate for use in a
    PowerPoint presentation or slide-show.
    The CD-ROM works well on PCs running
    Windows 95 onwards. Unfortunately,
    it required a little more skill to get it to
    run on a Macintosh with OS9 or Classic,
    and it is not possible to run it on the latest
    Macintosh operating system Tiger, which
    has been available in Australia for about
    one year.
    Both the book and CD-ROM are very
    useful in a clinical setting for showing
    patients the conditions they have. The CDROM
    is an excellent source of images for
    teaching purposes, with the images easily
    exported into teaching presentations. The
    only disadvantage is that it will not run on
    the latest Macintosh computers. As a reference
    book to help differentially diagnose
    a condition, it is less useful, but it is
    helpful in putting a name to a condition
    by comparing the image with the patient’s
    ocular features.

Author Information

    By Jack J. Kanski, MD, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth, Honorary Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Prince Charles Eye Unit, King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor, UK

Customer Reviews

Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology
  • Hardcover
  • Reference
  • 800 Pages
  • Imprint: Mosby
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-03761-7
  • Copyright: 2006