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Health Policy and Technology

Health Policy and Technology (HPT), is the official journal of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine (FPM), a cross-disciplinary journal, which focuses on past, present and future health policy and the role of technology in clinical and non-clinical national and international health environments.

HPT provides a further excellent way for the FPM to continue to make important national and international contributions to development of policy and practice within medicine and related disciplines. The aim of HPT is to publish relevant, timely and accessible articles and commentaries to support policy-makers, health professionals, health technology providers, patient groups and academia interested in health policy and technology.

Topics covered by HPT will include:

- Health technology, including drug discovery, diagnostics, medicines, devices, therapeutic delivery and eHealth systems
- Cross-national comparisons on health policy using evidence-based approaches
- National studies on health policy to determine the outcomes of technology-driven initiatives
- Cross-border eHealth including health tourism
- The digital divide in mobility, access and affordability of healthcare
- Health technology assessment (HTA) methods and tools for evaluating the effectiveness of clinical and non-clinical health technologies
- Health and eHealth indicators and benchmarks (measure/metrics) for understanding the adoption and diffusion of health technologies
- Health and eHealth models and frameworks to support policy-makers and other stakeholders in decision-making
- Stakeholder engagement with health technologies (clinical and patient/citizen buy-in)
- Regulation and health economics

Professor Wendy Currie leads the journal as its founding Editor-in-Chief. Her research focuses on policy-making for large-scale information and communications technology (ICT) projects in health, financial services and government.

About the FPM
The aim of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine (FPM) is to promote international calibre excellence in postgraduate medical education through its publications, clinical and scientific meetings, and other activities. The FPM is a British medical charity that was founded at the end of World War I, when it pioneered development of post-graduate educational programs in all branches of medicine.

Its foundation was the result of a merger between the Fellowship of Medicine and the Postgraduate Medical Association, with Sir William Osler the first president of the new organization. The FPM is supported by Fellows with expertise in the practice of medicine, medical education and publishing, and research in medicine and related disciplines.

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    Wendy Currie

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Health Policy and Technology
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