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Health Outcomes Research in Medicine

Health Outcomes Research in Medicine is committed to providing editorial content that advances the field of research and medicine through bridging patient reported outcomes with clinical practice decisions that are solidly evidence-based. The Journal's role is to encourage and disseminate three basic principles: 1) The need for evidence for effective patient care, 2) Critical evaluation of that evidence, and 3) Incorporating clinical judgment and patient-reported outcomes and preferences into decisions about treatment and treatment efficacy.

Examples of types of articles would include those involving the development, cultural adaptation, and/or validation of patient-reported outcomes measures developed for general use in clinical practice or drug trials; the development and/or validation of novel measurement approaches (e.g., transcranial magnetic stimulation in studies of the effectiveness of migraine prophylactics); cost-effectiveness analyses conducted from the provider or hospital perspective or with implications for patient care; retrospective chart reviews that seek to assess the validity or reliability of outcome measures; and analyses of databases (e.g., claims data) on practice or prescribing patterns, or episodes of care.

In summary, the journal should be a medium for discussion and debate about the principles and substance of health outcomes research. Reviews of theory, methodology, and study findings in special areas of health services research, clinical trials, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses are welcome. Research must incorporate author assessment of the validity and implications of the study as well as a discussion of the study results.

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    Donald E. Stull, Jr., PhD

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Health Outcomes Research in Medicine
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