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Progress in Pediatric Cardiology

Progress in Pediatric Cardiology is an international journal of review presenting information and experienced opinion of importance in the understanding and management of cardiovascular diseases in children. Each issue is prepared by one or more Guest Editors and reviews a single subject, allowing for comprehensive presentations of complex, multifaceted or rapidly changing topics of clinical and investigative interest.

Future Topics and Guest Editors

Cardio Oncology
Steven Lipshultz, Joseph Carver, Giorio Minotti

Cardiomyopathy in Children
Steven Lipshultz and Jay Wilkinson

The History of Cardiac Surgery
John Foker

The Marfan Syndrome
Duke Cameron

Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Gary Webb

Readers interested in being a guest editor or participating in the development of a review for publication should contact the Editor-in-Chief, Gary K. Lofland, MD, Progress in Pediatric Cardiology, The Children's Mercy Hospital, 2401 Gilliam Road, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA; E-mail:

Books and reports of clinical or investigative relevance to pediatric cardiovascular medicine will be reviewed and published. Authors, editors and institutions should send one copy for review to the Editor.

Electronic usage:
An increasing number of readers access the journal online via ScienceDirect, one of the world's most advanced web delivery systems for scientific, technical and medical information.

Average monthly article downloads for this journal: 3,990*
* Figure is a monthly average of full-text articles downloaded via ScienceDirect between October 2012 and October 2013.

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