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Human Immunology

Official Journal of the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics

Human Immunology publishes full-length original articles, brief communications and reviews covering a wide range of subjects including immunogenetics, innate and adaptive immunity, transplantation immunology, autoimmunity, infections diseases and tumor immunology. The scope of the journal is to disseminate information that may contribute to understanding the mechanisms involved in the genetic control of organ and tissue allograft rejection, alloimmunity, chronic infections and progression of malignant diseases.

Research areas include:

1. Immunogenetic studies on structure and function of molecules involved of immune responses; immunogenetic markers including polymorphism of immunogenetics markers such as HLA, minor histocompatability antigens, immune receptors (KIR, NK, Toll-like, ILT, MICA/B, PAMPs, etc); population frequencies and disease association studies.

2. Cellular Immunology and Immune Regulation covering the broad areas of in vitro and in vivo studies of innate and adaptive immunity in health and disease.

3. Clinical Immunology including transplantation, cancer immunology, autoimmunity, delayed-type-hypersensivity, immunological deficiencies, immunologic monitoring, immunotherapy, and immunomodulation.

4. Biotechnological innovations for detection of new genes and gene products including genomics and proteomics strategies.

Manuscript Types

a) Full-Length Articles
Limit 4000 words excluding references, tables, and figures
Abstract 200 words maximum
References up to 50

b) Brief Communications
Limit 2500 words
Abstract 150 words
References up to 30

c) Review Articles
Limit 5000 words, excluding references, tables, and figures
Abstract 200 words maximum
References up to 80

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Human Immunology
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