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Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor

Bridging Science and Clinical Practice


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This unique book bridges the gap between evidence-based research and clinical practice. Edited by Kari Bo who has done pioneering research in this area, each chapter focuses on the evidence, from basic studies (theories or rationales for the treatment) and RCTs (appraisal of effectiveness), to the implications of these for clinical practice, and finally in recommendations on how to start, continue and progress treatment.

Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • Detailed treatment strategies - pelvic floor muscle training, biofeedback, electrical stimulation.
    • Information on pelvic floor dysfunction in specific groups - men, children, elite athletes, the elderly, pregnancy, neurological diseases.
    • Detailed illustrations of pelvic floor anatomy and related neuroanatomy/neurophysiology.
    • MRIs and ultrasounds showing normal and dysfunctional pelvic floor.
    • Clinical practice guidelines.
    • Critical appraisal of RCTs.
    • Strategies to reduce drop-out in conservative treatment.

Published Reviews

    "[This] is a very modern textbook. It is based on evidence, it brings together physiotherapists, clinicians and researchers, and it focuses on what really matters - namely the problem of the patient which impacts on her or his quality of life. Dr. Kari Bo, Dr. Bary Berghmans, Dr. Siv Morkved and Dr. Marijke Van Kampen are to be congratulated on having brought together such a distinguished list of contributors. They will open our eyes and give us a new understanding of physiotherapy for the pelvic floor." Paul Riss, Past President, International Urogynecology Association

    "Evidence-based Physiotherapy for the Pelvic Floor takes us on a wonderful journey where three core themes of synthesizing, accessing and implementing evidence are intertwined. [...] On behalf of WCPT, I congratulate the authors and editors ... and commend them for their efforts in contributing to the body of knowledge in this important discipline." Sandra Mercer Moore, former President, WCPT

Author Information

    By Kari Bo, Professor, PT, PhD, Exercise scientist, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Oslo, Norway; Bary Berghmans, PhD, MSc, RPt, Epidemiologist and Researcher, Maastricht University Pelvic Care Centre, Maastricht, The Netherlands; Siv Morkved, PT, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher, Department of Community Medicine & General Practice, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway; and Marijke Van Kampen, PhD, Professor in Rehabilitation Science, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science, University Hospital GHB, Leuven, Belgium

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Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor
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  • 456 Pages
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  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-10146-5
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  • Copyright: 2007