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Community Pharmacy E-Book, 3rd Edition

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ePub eBook $68.95
(With Adobe DRM, readable with Adobe Digital Editions for PCs and Macs, and on most mobile devices except Kindle)
PDF eBook $68.95
(With Adobe DRM, readable with Adobe Digital Editions for PCs and Macs, and on most mobile devices except Kindle)

The eBook version of this title gives you access to the complete book content electronically. Please note that this version is the eBook only and does not include the printed textbook. Thoroughly updated and revised

  • Completely revised and updated throughout, this new edition of the best-selling title in community pharmacy continues to provide an essential reference for undergraduate and pre-registration pharmacy trainees.


    • New sections on menstrual bleeding and weight loss.
    • Clearly structured by basic anatomy, history-taking and body system.
    • Fully illustrated throughout.
    • Boxes throughout: trigger points indicative of referral; hints and tips.
    • Tables throughout: differential diagnosis (key questions for each condition); evidence-based OTC medication; practical prescribing; product selection.
    • Self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter.
    • Expanded case studies at the end of each chapter



    From customer reviews of the previous edition:

    'This is an exceptional book, a must-have for any pharmacy undergraduate.'

    'The book is great, especially for those who are doing their PSI registration exam.'

    'This book is really good and has a wide range of pictures that help compare various disease states. The summary chapter questions and case studies are essential and allow the knowledge of that chapter to be reviewed and tested.'

    'A must-have and recommended for all pharmacy students.'

    'Excellent book - great photographs and tables - easy to read.'

    'Helpful for a lot of the different conditions encountered in community pharmacy. Good book to refer to for pre-registration students needing clinical information.'

Key Features

    • Covers all the most common conditions and gives evidence to back up over-the-counter (OTC) recommendations.

    • Puts the presenting symptoms into the primary-care context.

    • Suggests which questions to ask to narrow down the possible diagnoses.

    • Gives schematic summaries of how to arrive at a diagnosis.

    • Evidence-based boxes as a guide for OTC medication.

    • Practical prescribing summary tables.

    • Hints and tips boxes for product use.

    • Self-assessment sections.
    • Case studies at the end of chapters.

    • Colour images of important conditions.

    • Chapter on specific product requests.

    • Useful websites.

Author Information

    By Paul Rutter, BPharm MRPharmS PhD, Department of Pharmacy, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, UK

Customer Reviews

Community Pharmacy E-Book, 3rd Edition
  • e-Book
  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • Copyright: 2014