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Nutrition and Dietetics for Health Care, 10th Edition


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This book provides an introduction to nutrition and dietetics from a health care perspective. The text comprehensively covers the whole area of dietetics and nutrition with the topics divided into three sections, The science of nutrition, Community Nutrition and Therapeutic nutrition and dietetics. It is therefore useful as a reference text for those already working in the field of patient care. It has been revised completely to include the latest government guidelines on nutrition.

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Author Information

    By Helen M Barker, BSc, SRD, MPH, PGCE, CourseLeader, Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health and Social Sciences, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

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Nutrition and Dietetics for Health Care, 10th Edition
  • Paperback
  • Reference
  • 352 Pages
  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-07021-1
  • Copyright: 2002