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Elsevier is the leading name in nursing information, publishing under the Mosby and Saunders imprints. We offer the largest, most trusted selection of nursing textbooks and references in the world, in a variety of print and electronic formats. Whether you’re a practicing nurse, nursing student, or an educator, Elsevier has the resources to help you succeed.

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  • Procedures for Primary Care Practitioners, 2nd Edition,Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, PhD, ANP/GNP, Maren Stewart Mayhew, MS, ANP, Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, PhD, ANP/GNP and Maren Stewart Mayhew, MS, ANP,ISBN 9780323016193
    Procedures for Primary Care Practitioners
    Marilyn Winterton Ed...

    This easy to use handbook provides focused content for both basic and advanced procedures within the scope of practic...

    US $68.95
  • Home Health Nursing, 4th Edition,Karen  E. Monks, MSN, RN,ISBN 9780323018654
    Home Health Nursing
    Karen E. Monks, MSN...

    This unique, spiral-bound handbook is compact, portable, and written with busy home health nurses in mind! Organized ...

    US $53.95
  • Study and Review Guide to accompany Anatomy and Physiology, 5th Edition,Gary A. Thibodeau, PhD and Linda Swisher, RN, EdD,ISBN 9780323016681
    Study and Review Guide to accompany Anatomy and Physiology
    Gary A. Thibodeau, P...

    Practical and student-friendly, this helpful study guide reinforces comprehension of information covered in the fifth...

    US $61.95
  • Nursing Illuminations,Patricia van Betten, MEd, RN and Melisa Moriarty, RN, BSN,ISBN 9780323025843
    Nursing Illuminations
    Patricia van Betten,...

    Ideal for gift-giving or personal use, this inspirational daily reader is designed to help nurses reflect on the magn...

    US $27.95
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