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Diagnostic Ultrasound, 7th Edition

Principles and Instruments


A market leader and a highly respected reference, this text explains how diagnostic ultrasound works and helps readers scan safely, properly handle artifacts, evaluate instrument performance, and prepare for registry and board examinations. It covers all essential aspects of ultrasound physics, including Doppler, artifacts, safety, quality assurance, and the newest technologies. Information is presented dynamically, with a multitude of boxes and tables and over 1,200 illustrations. Focusing on the most basic and essential equations, this book simplifies complicated mathematical concepts.

Table of Contents

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New to This Edition

    • Many illustrations are larger than before, allowing better visualization of key points.
    • Updated content includes the continuing progression of contrast agents and 3D, along with the more general aspects of transducers and instruments.
    • Concepts have been simplified and/or expanded to aid student comprehension.
    • Advanced Concept boxes have been added for those students interested in more complicated ultrasound physics concepts.
    • Over 50 updated illustrations include scans, graphs, and line drawings, demonstrating the concepts of physics and ultrasound.
    • Updated end-of-chapter questions and answers are provided for content review, including true-or-false, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and mathematical questions.

    Key Features

      • Coverage of the basics of physics and ultrasound provides students with what they need to know to pass the registry exam.
      • Learning Objectives and Key Terms begin each chapter, and subheadings have been added to break up the chapters into more accessible sections.
      • 40-page color insert includes more than 100 ultrasound scans, providing an accurate representation of what students will actually encounter in the clinical setting.

    Author Information

      By Frederick W. Kremkau, PhD, Professor and Director, Center for Medical Ultrasound, Wake Forest University, School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC

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    Diagnostic Ultrasound, 7th Edition