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  • Enfermería en atención domiciliaria, 3rd Edition,Marie Jaffe, RN, MS,ISBN 9788481743173
    Enfermería en atención domiciliaria
    Marie Jaffe, RN, MS

    Esta obra da pautas de actuación de enfermería para todos los sistemas corporales, teniendo en cuenta los medios pe...

    US $63.95
  • Home Health Nursing, 4th Edition,Karen  E. Monks, MSN, RN,ISBN 9780323018654
    Home Health Nursing
    Karen E. Monks, MSN...

    This unique, spiral-bound handbook is compact, portable, and written with busy home health nurses in mind! Organized ...

    US $53.95
  • Health Visiting E-Book, 2nd Edition,By Anne Robotham, MEd, BA, RGN, ONC, DipN(Lond), RHV, CertEd(FE), HVT, CPT, FPCert and Marion Frost,ISBN 9780702039799
    Health Visiting E-Book
    By Anne Robotham, ME...

    The eBook version of this title gives you access to the complete book content electronically*. Evolve eBooks allows y...

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    US $53.95
  • Home Care Nursing Practice, 4th Edition,Robyn Rice, PhD, RN,ISBN 9780323030724
    Home Care Nursing Practice
    Robyn Rice, PhD, RN

    Known for its comprehensive, readable, consistent format, as well as its coverage of pediatric and geriatric patients...

    US $66.95