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Basic Science Bestsellers

Latest Basic Science Titles

  • Microbiology for the Healthcare Professional,Karin C. VanMeter, PhD, Independent Education Consultant, Lecturer, William G. VanMeter, PhD (deceased) and Robert J Hubert, BS,ISBN 9780323045940
    Microbiology for the Healthcare Professional
    Karin C. VanMeter, P...

    Even if you’ve never studied chemistry or biology before, this straightforward text makes microbiology easy to learn ...

    US $85.95
  • Pathology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition,Ivan Damjanov, MD, PhD,ISBN 9781437716764
    Pathology for the Health Professions
    Ivan Damjanov, MD, P...

    Providing a sound foundation of pathology knowledge, Pathology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition gives you a cl...

    US $95.95

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