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Elsevier's Campbell-Walsh Urology, Brenner and Rector's The Kidney, Complications of Urologic Surgery, and Pediatric Urology, are among the many definitive urology books, journals and online textbooks delivering the latest findings and advancements in urology including robotic and laparoscopic bladder surgery, robotic prostatectomy, Nephrectomymetastatic and invasive bladder cancer complications related to new hormone and chemotherapeutic regimens, tissue engineering and more!.

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Urology Bestsellers

  • Campbell-Walsh Urology, 10th Edition,Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD (Hon), Louis R. Kavoussi, MD, Andrew C. Novick, MD, Alan W. Partin, MD, PhD and Craig A. Peters, MD, FACS, FAAP,ISBN 9781416069119 20% off
    Campbell-Walsh Urology
    Alan J. Wein, MD, Ph...

    Since 1954, Campbell-Walsh Urology has been internationally recognized as the pre-eminent text in its field. Edited b...

    US $589.00 $471.20
  • Urologic Clinics of North America,ISSN 00940143
    Urologic Clinics of North America

    For 30 years, Urologic Clinics of North America has provided important clinical updates on the entire spectrum of uro...

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  • Campbell-Walsh Urology 10th Edition Review,W. Scott McDougal, Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD(hon), Louis R. Kavoussi, MD, Andrew C. Novick, MD, Alan W. Partin, MD, PhD, Craig A. Peters, MD, FACS, FAAP and Parvati Ramchandani,ISBN 9781437723939 20% off
    Campbell-Walsh Urology 10th Edition Review
    W. Scott McDougal, A...

    Master the most important elements in urology with Campbell-Walsh Urology 10th Edition Review, the companion study gu...

    US $94.95 $75.96
  • Urology®,Eric A. Klein, MD,ISSN 00904295
    Eric A. Klein, MD

    The mission of Urology®, the "Gold Journal," is to provide practical, timely, and relevant clinical and basic sci...

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  • The Journal of Urology®,William D. Steers, MD,ISSN 00225347
    The Journal of Urology®
    William D. Steers, MD

    The Official Journal of the American Urological Association (AUA), and the most widely read and highly cited journal ...

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Forthcoming Urology Titles

Latest Urology Titles

  • Hinman
    Hinman's Atlas Of Pediatric Urologic Surgery
    Frank Hinman, Jr., M...

    No other atlas presents pediatric urologic surgery with such care, attention to detail, and respect for the subject. ...

    US $374.00
  • Pediatric Urology, 2nd Edition,John G. Gearhart, MD, FACS, Richard C. Rink, MD and Pierre D. E. Mouriquand, MD, FRCS(Eng),ISBN 9781416032045
    Pediatric Urology
    John G. Gearhart, MD...

    Pediatric Urology is an up-to-date, clinical reference that provides detailed descriptions of the best approaches for...

    US $345.00
  • Complications of Urologic Surgery, 4th Edition,Samir S. Taneja, MD,ISBN 9781416045724 20% off
    Complications of Urologic Surgery
    Samir S. Taneja, MD

    Complications of Urologic Surgery: Prevention and Management, 4th Edition, by Samir S. Taneja, MD, is a urology resou...

    US $314.00 $251.20
  • Urologic Surgery for the Gynecologist and Urogynecologist,John B. Gebhart, MD,ISBN 9781416062653
    Urologic Surgery for the Gynecologist and Urogynecologist
    John B. Gebhart, MD

    Urologic Surgery for the Gynecologist and Urogynecologist, by John B. Gebhart, MD, MS, is the ideal way to enhance yo...

    US $144.00

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