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  • Manual of English for the Overseas Doctor, 5th Edition,Joy Parkinson,ISBN 9780443061363 25% off
    Manual of English for the Overseas Doctor
    Joy Parkinson

    Here's the latest edition of the very practical book for overseas doctors. This book helps to familiarize doctors wit...

    US $61.95 $46.46
  • International Dictionary of Homeopathy,Jeremy Swayne,ISBN 9780443060090 25% off
    International Dictionary of Homeopathy
    Jeremy Swayne

    The International Dictionary of Homeopathy provides an authoritative and up-to-date compilation of homeopathy terms a...

    US $66.95 $50.21
  • Diccionario Mosby de Medicina Inglés-Español / Español-Inglés,Mosby,ISBN 9788481745412 25% off
    Diccionario Mosby de Medicina Inglés-Español / Español-Inglés

    Diccionario de inglés-español/español-inglés de Medicina, en el que se recogen todos los términos relacionados con ...

    US $45.89 $34.42
  • Medical Spanish, 4th Edition,Cynthia J. Wilber and Susan Lister,ISBN 9780750674942 25% off
    Medical Spanish
    Cynthia J. Wilber an...

    Every English-speaking health professional who works with Spanish-speaking patients will appreciate this handy resour...

    US $43.95 $32.96