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  • Drug Calculations, 9th Edition,Meta Brown, RN, Med and Joyce L. Mulholland, RNP,ISBN 9780323077507
    Drug Calculations
    Meta Brown, RN, Med ...

    Covering the ratio and proportion method of drug calculations, Drug Calculations: Ratio and Proportion Problems for C...

    US $79.95
  • Calculation of Drug Dosages, 9th Edition,Sheila J. Ogden, RN, MSN and Linda K. Fluharty, MSN, RN,ISBN 9780323077538
    Calculation of Drug Dosages
    Sheila J. Ogden, RN,...

    Master the critical skills necessary to competently and confidently calculate drug dosages using Calculation of Drug ...

    US $78.95
  • Calculate with Confidence, 6th Edition,Deborah C. Gray Morris, RN, BSN, MA, LNC,ISBN 9780323089319
    Calculate with Confidence
    Deborah C. Gray Morr...

    This popular text covers the ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis methods offering a step-by-step ...

    US $89.95
  • Clinical Calculations, 7th Edition,Joyce LeFever Kee, MS, RN and Sally M. Marshall, RN, MSN,ISBN 9781455703845
    Clinical Calculations
    Joyce LeFever Kee, M...

    The only text that covers all four major methods of drug calculation, Clinical Calculations: With Applications to Gen...

    US $84.95

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