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  • Sport Exercise and Environmental Physiology,ISBN 9780443073588
    Sport Exercise and Environmental Physiology

    This thorough book collates the relationships between exercise and the environment into one efficient volume. The aim...

    US $45.95
  • Running,ISBN 9780443074417

    This richly illustrated work presents innovative training concepts based on recent scientific research and extensive ...

    US $62.95
  • The Physiology of Training,ISBN 9780443101175
    The Physiology of Training

    This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. A title in the Advan...

    US $38.95
  • Exercise Prescription - The Physiological Foundations,ISBN 9780443100178
    Exercise Prescription - The Physiological Foundations

    Using research-based evidence, this text provides current rationale for the types, intensity, and duration of physica...

    US $51.95