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  • Mosby
    Mosby's Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards
    JoAnn Zerwekh, MSN, ...

    Use this set of colorful cards to learn and remember pathophysiology! With 96 full-color cartoons covering pathophysi...

    US $24.95
  • Understanding Pathophysiology, 5th Edition,Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD and Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD,ISBN 9780323078917
    Understanding Pathophysiology
    Sue E. Huether, RN, ...

    Learn the essential concepts of pathophysiology and stay up to date on treatments, manifestations, and mechanisms of ...

    US $122.00
  • Pathophysiology, 7th Edition,Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD and Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD,ISBN 9780323088541
    Kathryn L. McCance, ...

    With easy-to-read, in-depth descriptions of disease, disease etiology, and disease processes, Pathophysiology: The Bi...

    US $139.00
  • Pathophysiology, 5th Edition,Lee-Ellen C. Copstead-Kirkhorn, PhD, RN and Jacquelyn L. Banasik, PhD, ARNP,ISBN 9781455726509
    Lee-Ellen C. Copstea...

    A clear, comprehensive introduction to disease, Pathophysiology, 5th Edition explores the etiology, pathogenesis, cli...

    US $116.00

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