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Oral Diagnosis Bestsellers

  • Master Dentistry Volume 3 Oral Biology E-Book,By Barry K. B. Berkovitz, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDS (ENG), Bernard J. Moxham, BSc, BDS, PhD, Roger W. A. Linden, BDS, PhD, MFDS, RCS and Alastair J. Sloan, BSc, PhD,ISBN 9780702044588 25% off
    Master Dentistry Volume 3 Oral Biology E-Book
    By Barry K. B. Berko...

    Master Dentistry: Oral Biology is designed as a revision guide for dental students and offers the 'curriculum es...

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    US $58.95 $44.21
  • Pocketbook of Oral Disease,ISBN 9780702046490 25% off
    Pocketbook of Oral Disease

    Prepared by authors of international renown, The Pocketbook of Oral Disease offers a wealth of information in a handy...

    US $46.95 $35.21
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, 3rd Edition,ISBN 9780702049484 25% off
    Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine

    The new edition of this highly successful volume continues to offer readers with a systemized and objective approach ...

    US $115.00 $86.25
  • Oral Medicine Secrets,ISBN 9781560534198 25% off
    Oral Medicine Secrets

    Using the popular question-and-answer format of The Secrets SeriesĀ®, this helpful mini reference offers practical tip...

    US $64.95 $48.71
  • Dental Secrets, 3rd Edition,ISBN 9781560535737 25% off
    Dental Secrets

    Perfect as a clinical guide or a review for oral exams, this remarkably useful resource clues you in to the most valu...

    US $64.95 $48.71

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