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  • Teaching for Health, 3rd Edition,Alice Kiger, BA, MA, MSc, PhD, RN, DipN, RCNT, RNT,ISBN 9780443072987
    Teaching for Health
    Alice Kiger, BA, MA,...

    A book on health education for nurses and midwives. It give necessary background on health promotion and health educa...

    US $62.95
  • The Practice of Patient Education, 10th Edition,Barbara Klug Redman, PhD, RN, FAAN,ISBN 9780323039055
    The Practice of Patient Education
    Barbara Klug Redman,...

    With patients leaving the hospital sicker and more care being done in outpatient settings or at home, patients need t...

    US $59.95
  • The Practitioner as Teacher E-Book, 4th Edition,Edited by Sue Hinchliff, BA, MSc, RGN, RNT,ISBN 9780702039546
    The Practitioner as Teacher E-Book
    Edited by Sue Hinchl...

    Mentors for student nurses and newly registered nurses will welcome the fourth edition of this trusted handbook on ho...

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    US $37.95