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  • Manual of English for the Overseas Doctor, 5th Edition,Joy Parkinson,ISBN 9780443061363
    Manual of English for the Overseas Doctor
    Joy Parkinson

    Here's the latest edition of the very practical book for overseas doctors. This book helps to familiarize doctors wit...

    US $61.95
  • International Dictionary of Homeopathy,Jeremy Swayne,ISBN 9780443060090
    International Dictionary of Homeopathy
    Jeremy Swayne

    The International Dictionary of Homeopathy provides an authoritative and up-to-date compilation of homeopathy terms a...

    US $62.95
  • Medical Spanish, 4th Edition,Cynthia J. Wilber and Susan Lister,ISBN 9780750674942
    Medical Spanish
    Cynthia J. Wilber an...

    Every English-speaking health professional who works with Spanish-speaking patients will appreciate this handy resour...

    US $43.95