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Optometry Bestsellers

Latest Optometry Titles

  • The Contact Lens Manual, 4th Edition,ISBN 9780750675901 25% off
    The Contact Lens Manual

    The Contact Lens Manual continues to meet the needs of a new generation of optometrists, dispensing opticians, contac...

    US $114.99 $86.24

Additional Optometry Books, Journals and e-Resources

  • Cataract,ISBN 9780750603690 25% off

    Written specifically for the optometrist, this book covers all aspects of cataract from the optometric point of view....

    US $172.00 $129.00
  • Fundamentals for Ophthalmic Technical Personnel,ISBN 9780721649313 25% off
    Fundamentals for Ophthalmic Technical Personnel

    This textbook discusses ophthalmic sciences, neuroanatomy, and optics in detail, and includes full coverage of techni...

    US $107.00 $80.25
  • Multiple Choice Questions in Optometry,ISBN 9780750621878 25% off
    Multiple Choice Questions in Optometry

    An MCQ book covering the whole spectrum of the optometry syllabus.

    US $61.95 $46.46
  • Sports Vision,ISBN 9780750636162 25% off
    Sports Vision

    US $68.95 $51.71