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Patient Education Bestsellers

Latest Patient Education Titles

  • Teaching for Health, 3rd Edition,ISBN 9780443072987 25% off
    Teaching for Health

    A book on health education for nurses and midwives. It give necessary background on health promotion and health educa...

    US $62.95 $47.21
  • Public Health Mini-Guides: Obesity E-Book,By Nick Townsend and Angela Scriven, BA(Hons), MEd, CertEd, FRSPH, MIUHPE,ISBN 9780702047206 25% off
    Public Health Mini-Guides: Obesity E-Book
    By Nick Townsend and...

    Obesity and its linked morbidity and mortality is a significant public health challenge on a global scale and places ...

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    US $19.95 $14.96

Additional Patient Education Books, Journals and e-Resources