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  • The Clinical Placement, 3rd Edition,ISBN 9780729542012 25% off
    The Clinical Placement

    A unique, fundamental resource for nursing students in a clinical environment The Clinical Placement, 2nd Edition: An...

    US $41.95 $31.46
  • Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills, 6th Edition,ISBN 9780323187947 25% off
    Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills

    With its new condensed format, completely reorganized and updated content, respected author team, and new lower price...

    US $91.95 $68.96
  • Fundamentals of Nursing,ISBN 9780323295574 25% off
    Fundamentals of Nursing

    There's a new fundamentals text in town. One that centers on simple language, active learning, and a fresh new way to...

    US $129.00 $96.75

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