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  • Pain,ISBN 9780702022937 25% off

    Using a unique, holistic framework, this book comprehensively explores the neurophysiological and psychological aspec...

    US $57.95 $43.46
  • The Child with Cancer E-Book,By Helen Langton, RGN, RSCN, BA(Hons),ISBN 9780702037511 25% off
    The Child with Cancer E-Book
    By Helen Langton, RG...

    The eBook version of this title gives you access to the complete book content electronically*. Evolve eBooks allows y...

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    US $70.95 $53.21
  • The Child with Cancer,ISBN 9780702023002 25% off
    The Child with Cancer

    Focusing on nursing care rather than disease processes, this excellent research-based text looks at issues such as di...

    US $70.95 $53.21
  • Cancer Nursing Practice,ISBN 9780443060403 25% off
    Cancer Nursing Practice

    US $106.00 $79.50