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Medical Assisting Books, Journals and e-Resources

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Medical Assisting Bestsellers

  • Medisoft Version 16 Demo CD,Elsevier,ISBN 9781437743616
    Medisoft Version 16 Demo CD

    Medisoft Advanced Version 16 Student Demo CD allows students to practice administrative and front office tasks on the...

    US $27.95
  • Essentials of Human Diseases and Conditions, 5th Edition,Margaret Schell Frazier, RN, CMA, BS and Jeanette Drzymkowski, RN, BS,ISBN 9781437724080
    Essentials of Human Diseases and Conditions
    Margaret Schell Fraz...

    Prepare for the changing healthcare field with current disease pathology information and ICD-10-CM codes for more tha...

    US $77.95
  • Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants, 8th Edition,Kathy Bonewit-West, BS, MEd,ISBN 9781437708820
    Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants
    Kathy Bonewit-West, ...

    Learn the concepts, procedures, and skills you need to succeed as a medical assistant! Clinical Procedures for Medica...

    US $98.95
  • Medical Assisting PDQ,Tracie Fuqua, BS, CMA (AAMA) and Jon H. Zonderman, BA, MSJ,ISBN 9781416061069
    Medical Assisting PDQ
    Tracie Fuqua, BS, CM...

    Have quick and accessible reference to all of the essential information for administrative and clinical medical assis...

    US $27.95
  • Pharmacology, 3rd Edition,Eugenia M. Fulcher, RN, BSN, MEd, EdD, CMA,ISBN 9781437722673
    Eugenia M. Fulcher, ...

    Comprehensive yet easy to read, Pharmacology: Principles and Applications, 3rd Edition introduces you to basic pharma...

    US $86.95

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  • Computerized Medical Office Procedures, 3rd Edition,William D. Larsen, MBA, CMA,ISBN 9781437716085
    Computerized Medical Office Procedures
    William D. Larsen, M...

    Make a quick transition from classroom practice to real-world employment with a complete understanding of Medisoft Ve...

    US $136.00

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