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Elsevier's radiology books, journals and online resources include Diagnostic Ultrasound, Head and Neck Imaging, Cardiovascular Imaging, Practice of Interventional Radiology, Gynecologic Imaging, Problem Solving in Neuroradiology, as well as, the Case Reviews series, edited by David M. Yousem, the most trusted resource for study and board review. Elsevier's radiology books, journals and online resources provide the latest developments and advancements in: OB/GYN (pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, infertility, first-trimester pregnancy complications, post-partum complications, and gynecologic cancer); Ultrasound (techniques for imaging the entire body, and 3D and 4D imaging, multi-modality cardiovascular imaging, cardiac and vascular interventional techniques, and advanced imaging of cardiac tumors).

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  • Head and Neck Imaging - 2 Volume Set, 5th Edition,ISBN 9780323053556 25% off
    Head and Neck Imaging - 2 Volume Set

    Head and Neck Imaging, by Drs. Peter M. Som and Hugh D. Curtin, delivers the encyclopedic and authoritative guidance ...

    US $489.00 $366.75
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound, 2-Volume Set, 4th Edition,ISBN 9780323053976 25% off
    Diagnostic Ultrasound, 2-Volume Set

    Diagnostic Ultrasound, edited by Carol M. Rumack, Stephanie R. Wilson, J. William Charboneau, and Deborah Levine, pre...

    US $380.00 $285.00
  • Problem Solving in Neuroradiology,ISBN 9780323059299 25% off
    Problem Solving in Neuroradiology

    Problem Solving in Neuroradiology, by Meng Law, MD, Peter M. Som, MD and Thomas P. Naidich, MD, is your survival guid...

    US $169.00 $126.75
  • Primer of Diagnostic Imaging, 5th Edition,ISBN 9780323065382 25% off
    Primer of Diagnostic Imaging

    Primer of Diagnostic Imaging, "the purple book," gives you a comprehensive, up-to-date look at diagnostic imaging in ...

    US $135.00 $101.25

Additional Radiology Books, Journals and e-Resources

  • Body CT Secrets,ISBN 9780323034043 25% off
    Body CT Secrets

    The Secrets Series® is breaking new ground again! This volume presents guidelines for performing and interpreting CT...

    US $59.95 $44.96
  • Genitourinary Imaging, 2nd Edition,ISBN 9780323037143 25% off
    Genitourinary Imaging

    This title provides an excellent case selection for sharpening diagnostic skills in this challenging subspecialty are...

    US $69.95 $52.46
  • Radiology Business Practice,ISBN 9780323044523 25% off
    Radiology Business Practice

    To succeed in radiology, you not only need to be able to interpret diagnostic images accurately and efficiently; you ...

    US $105.00 $78.75
  • Musculoskeletal Imaging: Case Review Series, 2nd Edition,ISBN 9780323052429 25% off
    Musculoskeletal Imaging: Case Review Series

    This volume in the best-selling "Case Review" series uses 200 case studies to challenge your knowledge of a full rang...

    US $59.95 $44.96
The essential survival guide for your radiology residency. Weissleder: Primer of Diagnostic Imaging, 5th Edition