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Medical Sciences, 2nd Edition

British Medical Association awards first prize winner.


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2015 BMA Medical Book Awards 1st Prize Award Winner in Basic and Clinical Sciences Category!

An integrated approach to teaching basic sciences and clinical medicine has meant that medical students have been driven to a range of basic science textbooks to find relevant information. Medical Sciences is designed to do the integration for you. In just one book, the diverse branches of medical science are synthesised into the appropriate systems of the human body, making this an invaluable aid to approaching the basics of medicine within in a clinical context.

Table of Contents

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New to This Edition

      • Eleven new contributors.
      • Completely new chapters on Biochemistry and cell biology, Genetics, The nervous system, Bones, muscle and skin, Endocrine and reproductive systems, The cardiovascular system, The renal system and Diet and nutrition.
      • Completely revised and updated throughout with over 35 new illustrations .
      • Expanded embryology sections with several new illustrations.

Key Features

          • Highly illustrated with clear, full-colour line drawings and colour photos.
          • Information boxes throughout, giving more specific detail of research findings, drug mechanisms, etc.
          • Clinical boxes throughout, demonstrating the clinical relevance of the science.

    Interactive features of the StudentConsult e-book (PIN access in your print copy)

          • 5 slideshows

          • 34 test yourself

          • 4 slideshow test yourself

          • 3 hotspots

          • 2 guided tours

          • 6 slidelines

          • 435 MCQs (end-of-chapter quizzes and Assessment chapter in e-book)

Published Reviews

    2015 BMA Medical Book Awards: First Prize in Basic and Clinical Sciences

    From customer reviews of the previous edition:

    ‘I'm still a preclinical student, and this is as much a gold standard for me as (I've heard!) Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine is for clinical students… This is why these two gold standard texts go hand in hand so well. You've got the easy to ‘dip into’ Medical Sciences text for the physiological information and then Clinical Medicine for the more in-depth clinical knowledge. The breadth, depth and visual appeal of this book are astounding. I just wish I'd had it 3 years ago!’

    ‘If there is one book any type of medical undergraduate (clinical or science) should purchase then this is it. Written in clear, concise and understandable English it details all aspects of medical science that encourage you to read further into specific or general areas, without getting clogged up in complicated medical terms and syntax. The book would be suitable even for 2nd year A level science students, providing them with a foundation for basic medical science studies as well as those areas of cell science, biochemistry and more specific subjects of human physiological systems. A great credit to the authors for the written content and the invaluable graphs, tables and diagrams which set this book so much farther apart from other medical science books. StudentConsult access is an invaluable bonus for those wanting a lighter back pack while on the move.’

    ‘I'm off to medical school in September as a mature student, and am generally panicking about how much science I've forgotten since school days, and how to approach the vast amount of science needed in order to study medicine. I saw this book in the hospital library (I'd been perusing for useful texts) and it immediately appealed. I've had it on loan and now definitely need to buy my own copy! It has thorough but simple explanations of the science you need to understand physiological processes. It doesn't assume too much and explains everything but soon goes into detail. It also relates the science you've read about to physiological or pathological processes, which then underpins the need to learn the science and makes remembering it all ever so slightly easier. Thoroughly recommend it!’

    ‘This book is top drawer. Really clear and builds concepts neatly. It’s my go-to reference book when trying to get some context on medical conditions.’

    ‘I love this book. Perfect for the basic sciences of medicine. If you're in the first or second year of medicine, this book will come in handy. Explanations are simple and understandable. Definitely recommend it to medical students in their preclinical years.’

    ‘I only bought this book as it had a £10-off sticker but it has been the best investment ever! It gives a good grounding in all medical sciences bridging the gap perfectly from A-level to medical school. It covers complex topics like immunology and acid-base balance in a logical manner. Absolutely essential for the first years of medical school. For all aspiring medical students this should be the book you buy ready for medical school as you WILL use it. Love it!’

    ‘I wish I had this when I first started medicine! I bought this for my younger brother recently, as it was on his book list for first year medicine. For students going through the PBL/integrated style course, this provides some structure for the basic sciences (e.g. embryology, physiology, etc.) that a lot of students may miss out on. I'll be borrowing this from my brother a fair bit to remind myself how the body works! Highly recommended for any students.’

Author Information

    Edited by Jeannette Naish, MBBS, MSc, FRCGP,, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Blizard Institute, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, UK and Denise Syndercombe Court, MIBiol, CBiol, FIBMS, DMedT, PhD, Reader in Forensic Genetics, Forensic and Analytical Science, King's College London, London, UK

Customer Reviews

Medical Sciences, 2nd Edition
  • Paperback
  • 824 Pages
  • Trim Size: 10 7/8 X 8 5/8 in
  • Imprint: Saunders Ltd.
  • ISBN: 978-0-7020-5138-8
  • Copyright: 2014