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ClinicalKey Advanced Basic Science


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Key Features

ClinicalKey is the world's first “clinical insight engine.” More than a traditional search engine, ClinicalKey is built from the ground up on Smart Content tagged from Elsevier's proprietary EMMeT taxonomy. That means....ClinicalKey is the only clinical resource that thinks like a physician. And it's designed with the physician's workflow in mind. From the fastest speed to answer to the built in tools that make one-click sharing possible, ClinicalKey integrates seamlessly into the hectic schedule of every healthcare professional.

  • Comprehensive Content - The most current, evidence-based answers available for all medical and surgical specialties, including over 900 top books, over 500 top journals and over 13,000+ medical and procedural videos.
  • Trusted Answers - Content supplied by Elsevier, the world's leading provider of science and health information.
  • Unrivaled Speed to Answer Faster, more relevant clinical answers, so you can spend less time searching and more time caring for patients.

Key Questions

What information is available through ClinicalKey?

The content in ClinicalKey comes from Elsevier's vast online medical portfolio. The collection of journals available in ClinicalKey is growing every month, and currently includes more than 600,000 articles from more than 500 journals, such as Journal of the American College of Cardiology and The Lancet. ClinicalKey also has more than 20 million MEDLINE abstracts, which are retrieved each day from the National Library of Medicine (NLM). You can also access clinical trials. The number available is determined by the number available in the database. Finally, ClinicalKey also includes over 900 medical and surgical reference books.

Each ClinicalKey subscription includes information relevant to the specialty product purchased. Multiple specialties can be purchased together at discounted rates during the purchase process. In total, ClinicalKey includes the following:

  • ALL Elsevier medical and surgical journals (over 500)
  • Selected third-party journals and content sources
  • ALL Elsevier medical and surgical reference books (over 900)
  • ALL medical and surgical Clinics Review Articles
  • ALL First Consult point-of-care clinical monographs
  • ALL Procedures Consult content and associated videos
  • ALL Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs
  • ALL Elsevier medical and surgical videos (over 13,000+)
  • Guideline information
  • Elsevier and third-party published patient education

How often is the journal content on ClinicalKey updated?

Journal articles are added to ClinicalKey's database as new issues are published, and generally available 2 to 3 weeks after the print version is published. Articles in press (ePub Ahead of Print) can be accessed prior to publishing of the journal issue.

What is the availability of book editions on ClinicalKey?

You can access most books on ClinicalKey the same day they are published in print. A book may occasionally require additional work in order to convert it to ClinicalKey's electronic format. In this case, the book should be available within 8 weeks. A book will generally remain available on ClinicalKey until its new edition is available on the site. We may sometimes replace a book with a new title based on user feedback or usage statistics of the book.

How does ClinicalKey deliver relevant search results?

ClinicalKey uses 2 unique Elsevier technologies to provide the most relevant answers to physicians' queries:

  • ClinicalKey ensures its users get the most relevant content by tagging each paragraph using our proprietary medical taxonomy, EMMeT (Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy), to create Elsevier Smart Content.
  • ClinicalKey is exclusively designed to align with physician workflows so it delivers answers that are more relevant than those provided by conventional clinical search engines.

What is Smart Content?

Smart content ensures ClinicalKey adapts to meet physicians' specific needs. It is created when searchable content is mapped to a taxonomy classifying the meaning of terms in the content. ClinicalKey creates clinical Smart Content by mapping searchable journal, book, image, and video content to Elsevier's proprietary taxonomy, EMMeT. EMMeT refines and combines other broad taxonomies to create the single most clinically useful taxonomy. It allows ClinicalKey to understand the meaning of searchable content so you can discover related content missed by keyword searches on conventional clinical search engines.

Also, because ClinicalKey uniquely understands physicians' searches, it can autosuggest a broad range of additional terms to help them find the most relevant answers faster. EMMeT is constantly evolving to ensure ClinicalKey consistently identifies the most relevant answers.

How does ClinicalKey align with physician workflows?

ClinicalKey structures information so that it aligns with doctors' workflows rather than disrupting them. Whether they are treating and diagnosing patients, staying current in their field, or sharing information with colleagues, ClinicalKey does the following:

  • ClinicalKey provides access to the content they need most.
  • ClinicalKey allows them to filter search results by clinically meaningful subcategories (content type, specialty, disease, and more).
  • Specialty-specific tools enable physicians to quickly go from topic overview to in-depth specialty information to meet clinical challenges.
  • Workflow alignment extends to the design of ClinicalKey's user interface, making the most relevant tools immediately accessible.
  • Physicians can personalize ClinicalKey for greater workflow alignment, ensuring the most relevant results and cutting search time even further.
    • - Saved searches save physicians time.
    • - Personalized alerts keep physicians current when new information is available.

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