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Authors - Sales and Marketing Overview


As the world's leading health science publisher, Elsevier provides sales and marketing resources your publication won't get from any other publisher in the industry. Because Elsevier publishes only in the health sciences, our marketing team possesses a deep understanding of our customers and markets and will leverage this knowledge and experience to strategically position your product in the marketplace. The Elsevier sales force, which includes professional, educational, pharmaceutical, licensing, direct mail, private sector schools, trade, special markets and international sales teams, is the largest and most experienced health science publishing sales team in the business, providing sales coverage targeted to the audiences most likely to purchase your product. No other company can provide the sales and marketing power that Elsevier Health Sciences can.

Promoting your content

Elsevier's marketing professionals leverage their market knowledge to determine the best mix of marketing activities to optimize sales of your product. Taking into consideration such factors as market issues, competition, and customer needs and buying behavior, they employ a mix of marketing tactics.

These may include the following:

  • Placement in catalogs and book guides.
  • Displays and promotions at carefully selected conferences and meetings.
  • Direct marketing promotions such as email and/or print campaigns.
  • Placement in academic and general bookstores, wholesalers, libraries and online booksellers such as, Barnes &, and
  • Internet promotion through Elsevier's online bookstore,,, and Google Book Search, as well as other online promotional activities.
  • Journal reviews.
  • Coordinating international marketing efforts implemented by marketing teams across the globe.

Additionally, the marketing team provides extensive product training to our sales representatives so that they can speak knowledgeably and convincingly about your product's attributes.

Selling Your Book

Elsevier employs more sales representatives than any other health science publisher. The sales team is segmented into several groups for optimal coverage of Elsevier's various customer bases:

  • Exhibit Marketing/Sales Group - Sells reference titles and related products to practitioners at professional conferences.
  • Trade Sales Group - Facilitates sales of adoptable texts, reference titles and related products through major bookstore chains (i.e., Borders, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc), medical and general libraries, and wholesalers.
  • Educational Sales Force - Sells adoptable texts, reference titles, and related products to community colleges and universities through faculty adoptions and campus bookstores.
  • Private Sector Education Sales Force - Sells adoptable texts and related products to proprietary career schools and vocational technical schools.
  • Special Markets Group - Sells to catalog distributors, seminar companies, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, professional associations, high schools, continuing education providers, and long term care facilities.
  • Licensing Sales - Licenses electronic content generally used for networking applications.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales - Sells appropriate references and content to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Institutional Electronic Sales - Sells Elsevier's clinical electronic products to hospitals, health care organizations, and medical schools and engages in business development activities within the health information technology industry.
  • International Sales - promotes and sells products to appropriate markets across the globe, and explores opportunities for product versioning for local markets, such as reprints, adaptations, and translations.

How You Can Help

Your author marketing questionnaire is a primary source of information about your product for use by sales and marketing. You will be sent an author marketing questionnaire around the time your product is transmitted to production. Your careful and timely completion of this questionnaire is crucial to the effectiveness of our sales and marketing efforts. Your questionnaire is used to create sales training materials, including presentations at our twice-yearly national sales conferences, as well as copy for websites and other print or electronic communications that may become part of your product's marketing mix. Additionally, we use the information you provide to determine conferences to attend and potential bulk sale opportunities of your product to specific commercial clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device/supply industries.

You can also help promote awareness of your book by:

  • Mentioning your book when you are speaking at conferences, and ensuring we know of your speaking engagement schedule.
  • Talking to your contributors about promoting the title at the meetings they attend and keeping us informed of those meetings.
  • Providing leads so we can contact any societies, pharmaceutical or equipment companies, or government agencies with whom you have a relationship.
  • Providing a current and comprehensive travel/speaking schedule as soon as possible. This will ensure that we prompt local and international offices and sales representatives.

The sales and marketing staff will develop marketing plans for your product. Based on your feedback, they'll plan promotional efforts that may include direct mail campaigns, brochures, journal advertising, convention promotions, and websites. Our sales and marketing channels have a global reach - targeting students, instructors, practitioners, and consumers, as well as business, industry, and governmental agencies.