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Just as the tools used in scientific research are changing, so too are the tools used in scientific communication. Elsevier has taken a leadership role in advancing the technologies necessary to create a seamless electronic information delivery environment.


W.B. Saunders Company Logo

In 1888 in the shadow of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, Walter Burns Saunders founded a tiny publishing house dedicated to the ambitious goal of publishing the finest quality medical books in the world.

To meet this daring challenge, Saunders zealously followed three demanding principles. He insisted that books be authored by leaders and authorities in the field. Furthermore, they must be produced to the highest standards of the book crafters art. Finally, Saunders was committed to placing these texts in the hands of the healers as soon as possible.

These tenets have served the company, and the medical community of the world, well. Since its founding, W.B. Saunders Company has successfully kept pace with science, always supplying health professionals with the finest, most up-to-date tools of knowledge.


Mosby Company Logo

Dedication to publishing excellence has made Mosby the first choice information provider in medicine, nursing, allied health and veterinary medicine since 1906.

In addition to a complete line of textbooks, reference books and Journals, Mosbys suite of health care resources includes Virtual Clinical Excursions, Online Courses, Handheld Mediaa line of products and services as far-reaching as the spectrum of health care disciplines they address.

Churchill Livingstone

Churchill Livingstone Company Logo

The Churchill Livingstone imprint first appeared in 1972 following the amalgamation of the medical lists of J & A Churchill, E & S Livingstone and Longman. John Churchill, the founder of J & A Churchill, opened his publishing firm in London in 1728 with a list of medical books dating back to 1688.

Office Locations

Elsevier maintains offices throughout the United States and around the world. For Elsevier, Health Sciences Division domestic offices please go to our list of U.S. offices.

For Elsevier, Health Sciences Division international offices, please see our list of international offices.