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Resources for Clinicians

Knowledge for Advancing Healthcare

Elsevier is a leading publisher of health science books and journals, helping to advance medicine by delivering superior education, reference information, and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners, and students. With titles available across a variety of media - print, online and handheld - we are able to supply the information you need in the most convenient format.

Online Medical Resources

CPM Resource Center - Visit CPM Resource Center

For over 25 years, CPM Resource Center has been helping to transform practices and empower clinicians at the point of care with the tools they need to provide the highest quality patient care. The CPM Resource Center offers a Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Framework, evidence-based, interdisciplinary clinical practice guidelines, care planning and documentation that is web-based or E H R-compatible, Practice Transformation services to assist healthcare organizations with the CPM Framework and solutions strategy, implementation and ongoing practice advancement, and a member consortium of nearly 300 hospitals in North America that continuously test, validate and improve the CPM Framework and Solutions.

Expert Consult - Visit Expert Consult

Expert Consult is an online collection of best-selling reference titles across a wide range of medical and surgical specialties. Combining authoritative, world-class book content with full-search functionality and many additional online features, Expert Consult is one of the most efficient tools available to health care professionals today.

First Consult - Visit First Consult

First Consult is an authoritative evidence-based and continuously updated clinical information resource for healthcare professionals. Designed for use at point of care, it provides instant, user-friendly access to the latest information on evaluation, diagnosis, clinical management, prognosis, and prevention.

Imaging Consult - Visit Imaging Consult

Imaging Consult, an online resource from Elsevier, features thousands of high-quality images, the latest procedures, and extensive reference material specifically designed for physicians to accurately and quickly diagnose more cases with more confidence and solve the difficult cases.

Journals Consult - Visit Journals Consult

Journals Consult provides instant online access to a customizable selection of clinical and health sciences journals enabling physicians to make the right decisions fast to improve patient outcomes. Created for non-academic hospitals, libraries, clinics and other healthcare organizations and institutions, Journals Consult enables healthcare facilities to choose from among 2,000 Elsevier journals, including more than 800 peer-reviewed health science titles to ensure customized delivery of critical information specific to the organization's areas of practice.

Convenient access anytime, anywhere, for all staff, powered by ScienceDirect the worlds leading online journals platform.

MD Consult - Visit MD Consult

MD Consult brings together the most comprehensive information available into one convenient, easy-to-use, online resource. Its trusted worldwide by more than 1,900 healthcare organizations (including 95% of all U.S. Medical Schools) to provide instant access to full-text articles from more than 80 medical journals and clinics, 50 leading medical references (across a wide range of specialties), clinically relevant drug information and 10,000 patient handouts.

MEDai, Inc - Visit MEDai, Inc

MEDai, Inc., an Elsevier company, was incorporated in 1992 and founded on the belief that sophisticated forecasting technology and data mining can be used by the healthcare industry to achieve improved quality healthcare outcomes. A recognized leader in the field of predictive analytics, data mining, and clinical outcomes analysis, MEDai's solution suites provide payers and providers with the business intelligence necessary to deliver quality care to their populations, enhance chronic care management, and improve operational efficiencies.

OncologySTAT - Visit OncologySTAT

OncologySTAT's mission is to promote state-of-the-art cancer care by providing oncology professionals with instant online access to the highest-quality news, expert opinion, and clinical information. OncologySTAT offers an unparalleled array of professional cancer research, information, and education resources in a single online destination, with a breadth and depth of content that is unrivaled.

Procedures Consult - Visit Procedures Consult

Procedures Consult is a robust, online procedure reference tool that offers easy access to complete details on how to prepare for, perform and follow up on the most common procedures required in today's hospital setting. Procedures Consult covers the procedures required by the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) and conforms to ACGME standards to help physicians and residents to consistently achieve the best patient outcomes.

USMLE Consult - Visit USMLE Consult

USMLE Consult is an affordable, powerful USMLE test prep and simulation tool. Pulling content that only Elsevier can provide, USMLE Consult includes sections of text with every question from the products residents and clinicians know, use, and trust: Goljan, Robbins, Netter, Gray's Anatomy, Dorland's, Brochert, Cecil, Nelson, the Rapid Review and Secrets series, among 80 others. The High-yield Hits feature sets USMLE Consult apart from every other online question bank on the market. Boost your scores every Step of the way!

Clinical Decision Support - Visit Elsevier's Clinical Decision Support site

Delivering the world's most trusted clinical knowledge through evidence-based content and powerful analytics, Elsevier provides a spectrum of solutions for advancing healthcare.

Online Nursing and Health Profession Resources

Elsevier’s Clinical Skills - Visit Elsevier’s CLinical Skills

Elsevier’s Clinical Skills combines evidence-based content, including over 1,300 skills, with robust competency management. It puts educators and administrators in control by giving them the ability to customize content, assign skills and perform assessments, and empowers clinicians to deliver high-quality patient care with confidence.

Online Pharmacy Resources

Gold Standard/Elsevier - Visit the Gold Standard

Gold Standard/Elsevier's drug information tools and databases are utilized at the point-of-care, for reference and during medication transactions. The content is updated in real-time ("live") and offered via Internet, mobile, integrated and local PC/Intranet environments. - Visit Elsevier Health Careers

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