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Scandinavian Journal of Pain

The Scandinavian Journal of Pain is the official journal of the Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain (SASP)

and it is affiliated with the:
Norwegian Pain Society
Danish Pain Society
Swedish Pain Society
Finnish Association for the Study of Pain

The Scandinavian Journal of Pain, the scientific journal of the researcher-network Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain (click here), is a comprehensive forum for original research from international researchers, on all aspects of pain including the nature of pain, pain mechanisms, and pain management. In order to bring pain-researchers and pain-clinicians up-to-date on important issues, the journal also encourages submissions of topical reviews.

Scandinavian Journal of Pain provides a broad and stimulating approach to new pain-related research by also commissioning editorial comments published together with all accepted papers. The editorial comment highlights the significance of the research in the paper and often provides a concise review of the topic of the paper. This puts the papers into context of the present climate of pain research.

Scandinavian Journal of Pain is primarily an online journal, and it also publishes a condensed print version for its subscribers. This paper-version prints the editorial comments, the extended abstracts, and the Highlights of the online-published papers. This provides the essence of the research and its importance in the care or future care of patients.

The editorial comments and the Editor's choice paper in each issue are currently available as Free for View on ScienceDirect and click here. All articles published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain are indexed in Scopus/Science Direct and EMBASE.

Scandinavian Journal of Pain publishes these categories of articles: Basic and clinical research; systemic and topical reviews; hypothesis-generating case-reports and observational studies; letter to the Editor. The abstracts of presentations at scientific meetings of SASP are also published online. For current contents, and for papers in press, see click here.The Scandinavian countries have a long and distinguished tradition of excellent scientific and medical contributions to pain research, and the click here is a consequence of this tradition.

For more information to authors on how to write and submit a manuscript, here

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